Who are behind ZeroHedge.com

I have been reading the financial site Zerohedge for many years and to my surprise the real identity behind the site has just been uncovered.

The people at the unbelievable back blog ZeroHedge.com have been identified after one previous blogger with the website uncovered the character of his managers.

Colin Lokey, a former employee, said he was a piece of a 3 people group running ZeroHedge.com, the blog best known for its sentimentalist features and bearish point of view.

Lokey, 32, says the other men behind the site are Daniel Ivandjiiski, a Bulgarian previous support investments examiner, and Tim Backshall, a credit subordinates strategist. Lokey cases to have worked for ZeroHedge.com for over a year.

The character of the bloggers running ZeroHedge.com has for some time been the subject of hypothesis in the money related group, with Daniel frequently refereed to as the presumable wellspring of a significant part of the website’s substance. As right on time, theory that Daniel could be behind the blog showed up in the US, with an article theorizing that he was in actuality behind ZeroHedge.com.

Daniel worked in a support stock investments previously being kicked out of the securities business amid the stature of the monetary emergency for insider exchanging, the report says.

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