5 Reasons To Visit Boracay


Boracay is genuinely Philippines biggest attraction, and it’s the most beautiful beach in Asia – by far. Each day, I woke up to amazing views of a white sandy beach, palm trees waving in the wind, sky blue waters and sand as white as cotton cushions. You can say it’s paradise and earth consolidated in perfect harmony. Nothing can prepare your mind for this pleasant sight, and I could sit for hours simply fantasizing and relaxing by the shoreline.

And to help my fellow travelers, here are 5 reasons why you should visit Boracay.

1. Stunning Shoreline With Immaculate White Sand & Blue Water

You have presumably seen photographs of Boracay on magazines, postcards, travel sites, Twitter, and other social media, however trust me– seeing it with your own eyes, will influence you to drop your return ticket and not leave this delightful island. The sand is so perfectly white and the unmistakable water has a stunning blue color.

I have been to numerous wonderful shorelines in Asia, yet nothing is really close to Boracay. It’s in an entirely different class from the rest.

2. Plunge Off A Cliff

Cliff plunging at Damien’s Bluff is yet another prevalent thing to do in Boracay. There are many height levels that are appropriate for everybody – tenderfoots can take the least demanding dive and experience cliff plunging in a safe environment, while adrenaline junkies who grasp excitement can hop from the most elevated spot. Tours here includes the vessel ride, swimming, precipice jumping, and food.

3. Island Hopping

A visit to Boracay isn’t finished without going for an island-jumping visit. The island visit commonly incorporates swimming for an hour at Parrot Island – not to stress, the island isn’t invaded with parrots, it is named so since it takes after the state of a parrot– followed by a beeline for different islands, before going to Puke Shoreline – situated at the Southern tip of the Boracay archipelago– where I had a food break at a beach that looked like my private heaven.

4. Eat The Local Food

Lechon (baby pig) is the must eat food in Boracay. Like the Balinese Baby Guliag and the Cantonese suckling pig, the Lechon pig is enjoyed for its firm skin and juicy meat. The Boracay islands is probably not the best place to eat lechon pig – Cebu City is known to have the best lechon pigs in the country– but it is unquestionably still worth to give it a try, particularly in the event that it’s your first time to Boracay.

5. The Very Friendly Locals (Especially The Stunning Girls!)

Filipinos are one of the friendliest and most affable people on this planet, and having been to Manila, Cebu City and now Boracay, I need to state that local people on this island are astoundingly well behaved.

Especially the Pinay girls are extremely friendly and hospitable. Some even say that they are among the best girlfriends and wives on the planet. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to date one of those stunning Filipina beauties but I hope you will got the chance 🙂

And there you have it! 5 Great reasons for you to visit Boracay. Believe me there are many many more reasons but you will find them out on your next visit.

What are you waiting for? Buy the ticket!


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